Thursday, April 16, 2015

Html scraper ( Website Content Scraper ) with CSS3 selector ( Jquery selector style )

Html scraper with CSS3 selector...
+ support proxy ( for blocked website )
+ regex on title ( removing unwated word and character )

No helping, found how to using it by yourselft :)

Example I want to scraping this page
According firebug

helping hand
there is class
<div itemprop="description articleBody" id="post-body-6023274738565410003" class="post-body entry-content">
 , now you need just inserting that class .post-body ( note there is dot). And for the title you can scraping
<title>ini title </title>
 by doing this insert title. or using CSS3 style And you can use regex if you know what you doing.

see the screenshot below for better  understanding